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No. 248, February 2017

No. 248, February 2017

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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich takes us inside the band’s nerve center in Northern California where he details his approach to touring and some brutal drumming on their new release, Hardwired … To Self-Destruct. This month, Drum surveyed ten top drum educators from across the country for their most important piece of advice for students. We also take a tour of drumstick manufacturer Vic Firth’s factory, and bring you more metal via drummer Bobby Previte’s latest project. Learn valuable nutrition tips, how to run efficiently for exercise between gigs, and how to avoid trouble with Youtube over posting copyrighted songs. Plus: find cool drum accessories that cost less than $50; steer clear of ten common drum-miking mistakes in the studio; get funky with Adam Deitch; and check out our reviews of products from INDe, Promark, and Sabian.

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