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No. 269, Fall 2019

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On the Cover: Mitch Mitchell, the drummer with the coolest name ever, left a lasting impression by fusing the nuances of jazz and the nastiness of straight-up rock power with funky syncopation in The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Plus, learn to play the grooves from six Hendrix tunes.


Features: How to Practice for Busy Adults: We can’t all commit to playing 500 ratamacues or double-bass paradiddles per day, so here are some tips on how to practice with an already full schedule. We lassoed nine different products designed to address cymbal volume and put each to the test. Dream Theater’s acclaimed drumming virtuoso Mike Mangini shares five things he’s ‘doing wrong.’ And finally we crafted a 10-week lesson plan exploring ride patterns for pop, funk, Nola, bebop, metal, samba, reggae, and more.



  • Beyond the Basics: Making the most of a single Stick Control exercise
  • Joe Smyth tackles the hi-hat foot
  • Anika Nilles demonstrates over-the-bar playing
  • Danny Gottlieb offers tips on acing that college audition
  • Glen Sobel reviews syncopated triplet fills
  • Matt Byrne highlights linear 5-stroke patterns
  • Brian Andres discusses latin jazz and salsa fills
  • Stanton Moore goes from surf to swamp

Gear Reviews:

  • Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch
  • Craviotto European Beech
  • ToneAlly

Plus: Fleetwood Mac’s Taku Hirano gives tips for hand percussion in rock and roll; Josh Dun on surfing the TØP crowd on Drum Island; Chad Sexton and 311’s new ‘Voyage’; Jen Ledger pushes past fear and recording Skillet’s 10th album; what gear should I bring to a gig?; 5 pieces of gear with Rod Morgenstein, and more.




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