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No. 249, March 2017

No. 249, March 2017

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Spend a day with the drummers of Flaming Lips: Steven Drozd, who has resided in the band’s drum chair since 1991, and Matt Duckworth and Nick Ley. Find out how they collectively propel the musically and visually unorthodox band live and on their newest release, Oczy Mlody. Steve Gadd’s new solo release, Way Back Home, brims with the maestro’s signature complex yet eminently tasty grooves and fills; dive into six transcriptions from the album accompanied by Gadd’s drumming philosophy and commentary. Jazz drummer Joey Baron shares his insights into the importance of space and phrasing within music, and what he learned from listening to and working with great artists. Plus, we catch up with Dropkick Murphys’ Matt Kelly, Suicide Silence’s Alex Lopez, and renowned percussionist and educator Aldo Mazza; review DW’s Purpleheart Collectors Series Kit and Turkish Jarrod Cagwin Soundscape Cymbals; unlock the ABCs of drumming; and offer advice on securing your financial future.

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