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No. 264, Summer 2018

No. 264, Summer 2018

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On the Cover: Shinedown’s stickman Barry Kerch has figured out that a good song doesn’t always need mind-blowing drum chops to stand out. Instead, he focuses on playing what will best serve the song on the band’s new album, Attention Attention. We dive into the recording process for new album, and why the band chose to release a complete album in an age where online streaming seems to favor the single over the full album.

Features: Take a trip through the evolution of snare strainers from the 1920s to the 1940s. Dave Elitch talks about playing with The Mars Volta and Miley Cyrus, and what it’s like to teach some of the top professional drummers. Find out why Chicago was once the center of the drumming universe.


  • Some call it the final frontier, but sometimes it pays to add some space to your drumming
  • Anika Nilles details paradiddle transitions and accents
  • Gil Sharone highlights a classic reggae beat by Junior Murvin
  • Danny Gottlieb demonstrates the feel of Harold Jones on “The Magic Flea”
  • Brian Andres travels the world with this four-note bass drum foundation
  • Joe Smyth shows some fills with a backbeat
  • Glen Sobel gives tips on power double bass fills

Gear Reviews:

  • DW Contemporary Classic kit
  • Remo Colortone heads
  • LP MT Box cajon
  • DW LowPro travel kit
  • Evans EV bass drumheads
  • Yamaha EAD-10

Plus: Percussionist Jake Wood details life in the pit with Hamilton. Will a clear winner emerge in the battle between electronic and acoustic drums? Blake Richardson pushes the limits with Between The Buried And Me. From Chinese tacked toms to Gene Krupa, Daniel Glass gives a brief history of the tom tom. Drum builder Rhett Hendrix gives tips on buying used and vintage drums. Five things to look for in a record deal from a drumming lawyer. 

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